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how to recovery from a virtual manager node fault?

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how to recovery from a virtual manager node fault?


I got a problem here.

Got 2 node setup, the volume was built on Network Raid 10 - 2 way

Regular manager was running on both nodes and virtual manager was mistakely started on node-a.

Somehow node-a is down, so i lost 1 regular manager and the virtual manager.

The management group is in "no quorum" status now and i am unable to stop or delete the virtual manager, or even remove the node-a from the management group.

If noda-a is not recoverable, how could I recover from the fault using node-b?

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Re: how to recovery from a virtual manager node fault?

The easiest way is to get node-a running again and then quorum will be regained.
As you have found out - once you have lost quorum there is not a lot you can do.
It is not possible to create another VM as the s/w management knows that one exists already.
It is not possible to stop the VM on the failed node because you have lost quorum!
You will NOT be able to add in a FOM for two reasons (to get round this):
1: you already have a VM
2: even if you didn't - you have lost quorum and so you are not able to make changes to the management group while quorum is lost!
Unless you can get node-a fixed then I believe the only possible way that you can get round this to just get node-b up is to contact HP and they have a "back door" in to sort this out.
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