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module SNMP MIB performance statistics

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module SNMP MIB performance statistics

I can’t seem to make heads or tails of the LEFTHAND-NETWORKS-NSM-STORAGE-MIB

This query for device temperature:
$USER1$/check_snmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $USER7$ -o LEFTHAND-NETWORKS-NSM-STORAGE-MIB::storageDeviceTemperature.1
Returns this: 4294967295

What the heck kind of units does this storage mib use? None of them make any sense to me.

Unfortunately LEFTHAND-NETWORKS-NSM-STORAGE-MIB::storageRaidStatsIOsRead.0 is giving me a pretty useless number as well
It’s a COUNTER style, so I took a reading, and a reading 4 seconds later, and the difference was:
Subtract 3272323243381358616

What the heck kind of IOs are these?

I really like the numbers I get from $USER1$/check_snmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $USER7$ -P 2c -o LEFTHAND-NETWORKS-NSM-CLUSTERING-MIB::clusModuleStatsIoLatencyRead.1

Unfortunately due to SAN/iQ design. I can ONLY query these counters if the module I’m querying is also a SAN/iQ manager….

Is there a way to query useful stats for modules that ARE NOT managers?

I could turn on managers, but then I’d be violating best practices for a max of 5 managers per Mgmt group…. (also creates some exposure, due to VSA’s having managers, so if some VSAs were to go offline I could potentially loose quorum easier…

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Re: module SNMP MIB performance statistics

What version of SAN/iQ are you asking this about?
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger
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Re: module SNMP MIB performance statistics

8.0 (NSM2120)

and some of them are 8.1 (VSA)
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Re: module SNMP MIB performance statistics

We are running into the same issues, did you get an answer for this one from HP may be?

The difference in the counters return a large value after using new OIDs, which don't seem to be IO's value.

It would be great if you can share any information!

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Re: module SNMP MIB performance statistics

This has been my biggest frustration. I've requested information from the Support folks, and made inquiries, and can't seem to get any good information on this.

HP will add/remove/deprecate OIDs from the MIBs as SAN/iQ versions are updated, but there appears to be no notification or available documentation about these changes.

Several OIDs that previously worked are now broken, I also found that several storage level OIDs only work with the newest hardware.. (ie: I can't get node level IOPs, KBps, latency) statistics from the VSA or legacy models (NSM2120), but I can from a new G2 cluster....

Attention HP: PLEASE document and distribute details about the OIDs/MIBs for SAN/iQ 8.5!!!!!

Here's a page on my website that details some HP LeftHand monitoring I've done:

Here's some sample scripts: