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4108gl: Hard VLAN routing question.

Mark Landin
Valued Contributor

4108gl: Hard VLAN routing question.

The question isn't all that hard, really, but understanding my current config may be. Then again, this may be child's play for someone who lives this stuff every day. Here's hoping.

We have 2 4108gl switches, stacked. Call them switch A and switch B (we do). They are stacked together via the Gigabit stacking kit, using port A3 on each switch. A is the stack commander.

We have VLANs set up based on Class C network membership.
The VLAN setup on each switch is as follows:

Switch ID Name Ports
A 1 OFFICE all ports untagged; A3 is a tagged member.
A 15 FLDSRV no ports are members

B 1 OFFICE A3 tagged; about 50 other untagged ports
B 2 CAD A3 tagged; about 40 other untagged ports
B 3 DMZ a few untagged ports
B 4 XYZ a few untagged ports

Switch B is configured to do VLAN routing between the OFFICE and CAD VLANs. The DMZ and XYZ VLANs are unrouted.

I want to extend VLAN B-2 to include ports on switch A. Is it as simple as creating VLAN 2, named CAD, on the A switch, making port A3 a tagged member of that VLAN, and everything should work since the VLAN ID's will match? Or will I need to so comething more complicated?

Eventually I'm going to bring in a connection from another switch into sswitch A using the already-defined FLDSRV VLAN and route it, and add another routed VLAN to the B-switch as well.
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: 4108gl: Hard VLAN routing question.

You are right that it is as simple as you think ;)
You allready did the same for VLAN 1. Having ports on both switches and let switch B do the routing. For VLAN 2 the setup is the same.
Tag port A3 on switch A for VLAN 2, and untag ports on switch A for VLAN 2 for your clients.