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4208VL VLAN Routing Problem

Jonathan de Beere
Occasional Contributor

4208VL VLAN Routing Problem



I am trying to get VLAN's working on a 4208VL (see attachment).  The switch is doing the routing and it's connected to a Sonicwall NSA 3500 firewall which is acting as the default gateway.  I will eventually use IP Helper, but at the moment I'm trying a basic config.


I have a route added to the switch stating that any traffic should route to the IP of the Sonicwall.


Any device connected to the Default VLAN can ping and browse out onto the internet.


I have a PC connected to Port B1 on VLAN 20.  The PC can ping (VLAN 20 IP Address) and (Switch IP Address), but cannot ping (Default Gateway of the Sonicwall).


Can anyone suggest how I can get the PC to ping the default gateway and get out onto the internet.



Thank you





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Re: 4208VL VLAN Routing Problem

I'm no expert, but no one else has come running, so I'll take a shot.


I *THINK* you need to remove the line:

ip default-gateway

you already have a default route configured towards the end, and I seem to recall that that line and IP routing are mutually exclusive.


You know, I am not sure now. But I'll venture this guess--


one of the following three lines must go:

ip default-gateway

ip routing

ip route


BUT ALSO TO NOTE, removing the line as above might get you the Ping response from the firewall you so richly desire, but unless the Sonicwall has routes back to your VLANs, you still won't be able to browse from those VLANs. You didn't mention whether you had that configured.


Sorry so scattered, my brain is fried today.




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Re: 4208VL VLAN Routing Problem


I have confirmed through further research that "ip default-gateway" and "ip routing" are mutually exclusive. Since you want IP routing, delete the default-gateway line.

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Re: 4208VL VLAN Routing Problem

this means ur basic routing setup is working as it should...!
Just ur sonicwall doesn't know of the ip's in vlan 20, so what should it do?
you need a route at ur sonicwall.. something like
ip route 255.xxx.xxx.xxx
with xxx being the subnet u are using.