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5406 default route VLANs

Mark Brand

5406 default route VLANs

We're going to be incorporating vlans on our 5406 switch. I've tested the routing between vlans and that tested fine. I'm wondering about the default route for the internet. The internal firewall nic is . I'm going to place that in a /30 vlan with a vlan ip address. I'm wondering what would I do for the default route. Would I do a 'ip route' or a 'ip route' to route through the vlan for getting out to the internet?

I realize I'll need to put each VLAN subnet into the firewall's route config, but am puzzled over the default rule on the 5406 switch. Thanks.
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: 5406 default route VLANs


You'd want to do the former - 'ip route' otherwise you'd be pointing the default route back to the switch itself!