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7102 configuration/capabilities question

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fernando sabio
Occasional Contributor

7102 configuration/capabilities question

I work at 2 affiliated organizations. both, as part of their DR plans, are off-siting a few boxes, and going 'dutch' on a common hardware firewall and rack costs.

i'm sub-letting less than 1/4 rack at a major DataCenter in VA so my "wan port" is really a 10/100 uplink ethernet, not a traditional T1/pri/isdn jack.

i don't want to skip a hardware firewall, and since i pay by the rack-Unit, "thin is in" :)

and i'm looking at cisco 506e but it's not really rack mountable - and came across the 7102 (we're happy procurve switch customers with 2 dozen on campus).

Both the 7102 or the 506e would need a small 5 port switch to 'share' the 'inside/lan-side' of this remote setup with the 3 hardware servers (i say 'hardware server' b/c each is a dual cpu quad core box running virtuozzo on which we will have several Virtual Servers running Active Directory, Exchange, sql, etc)

can the 7102 be config'd so that one of the ethernet ports is my 'outside' and one is my 'inside' (and i ignore the T1 port(s)) ?

on this 'inside/lan-side' i would like to have more than one network-address-range. no dhcp, etc, but there will be 3 distinct network ranges (10.1.1.x/24, 10.2.2.x/24, 10.3.3.x/24) - one for each 'hardware server' (and the VM's/VE's on it)

so a traditional "lan + dmz" logic doesn't hold. 2 of these internal networks will need direct access from the 'net via VPN (site to site x 2) and/or ssh, the third, just ssh. communication betwen them internally will be done only on an as needed basis (ie: for disk to disk backup via ssh, at particular time windows, etc)

can the 7102 'route' between different networks even tho they're on the same physical interface?

'the remote management, vpn/ssl, price and Procurve warranty make the 7102 attractive to us, but don't know if it will do what we want.

what do you think?
Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: 7102 configuration/capabilities question


Yes, the 7000dl series router is capable of doing this. You can assign secondary IP address on the physical interface and route between them. This is called "one-armed" router or router on a stick. The router also support 802.1q VLAN tagging so if you have a switch downstream that supports tagging, this will also work. In this case, you would be routing between VLANs and not multinetting (router on a stick).
Also, no problem of defining and Ethernet interface as outside.
VPN: support for standards based IPSEC VPN so that shouldn't be a problem.

Hope this helps,


fernando sabio
Occasional Contributor

Re: 7102 configuration/capabilities question

thanks olaf - multiple IPs on the same Eth-port, exaclty - what i needed to know -if it could do that.

with the tight space, will probably do multi-netting, as i don't want to give up another 1U for a vlan capable switch.

so then i'll just define ACLs between the network addresses as needed.

i see the 7203 has redundant power capable - would there be any other reason to upgrade to it since i'd only be using the 2 ethernet ports?