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A good Procurve SNMP guide


A good Procurve SNMP guide

Hi Everyone,

I have the usual syslog servers setup for looking back into past issues but what I would like is to have the procurve devices send traps to a dedicated SNMP trap reciever which will generate instant emails for the most important events.

I have worked out how to pump all logs to this server but I would like to limit whats sent using traps/notify

loop-protect disable alerts.
STP issues

possibly notification if a trunk goes down, (although of course depending what went down it may not reach me!)

I would also like notifacation on ports connected to my PBX's if there is any change in status no matter how small. Theres probably a whole lot more I will want to monitor in future as well.

Im not after what lines of code I need to enable, I'd much rather learn and understand what im coding.

I'm hoping someone has a good guide to configuring SNMP specific to procurve. I cant seem to find a good one online.

I have built an SNMP reciever using Net-SNMP and a program called trap reciever but if there are better open source / freeware tools available I would be interested to hear that as well. (an excuse for me to build a linux box would be most apprieciated!!)
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Re: A good Procurve SNMP guide



looking to see if there is a way to send a snmp trap notification if a port is consistently sitting at 100% utilization