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ARP not learning properly while cluster failover

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ARP not learning properly while cluster failover

I have a cisco6500 serious switch that one port (portfast enabled) hold a  server .This server has sort of a Cluster configured for high availability .


During primary server failure the failover server acquires the cluster IP address (ie virtual IP).


Cluster IP


Primary server =  Failover server =


when failover happen , i am unable to learn arp. need to reboot the server for arp . After reboot i am getting different mac address(secondary) with cluster IP.





query:-normal clustering how mac address generating(means logicaly any mac address will be created or LAN card mac address)? 


how can check the server is generating gratuitous arp ?


how can avoid this issue ?


Cisco ARP time out :4 hrs

Cisco Mac- address time out : 300 sec