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Access List

Gert Becker_1
Occasional Visitor

Access List


I need to route SMTP traffic via route A and all other traffic via route B.
Is this possible with an Access list.
5308XL with FW E.09.03

Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: Access List


When you route a packet, you only look at the destination IP address.
What you need is "policy based routing". Unfortunately, the 53xx doesn't support this. With policy based routing, the router uses a ACL to match the traffic (can be source or destination IP, TCP port number etc.) and you can set the next hop address for this packet. The HP ProCurve 7000dl router (WAN router) will support this in the next software release.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Access List

Hi Olaf,

Just a bit quicker then me :-) Also the 93XX supports PBR although more expensive. It's an alternative to the 7000 if you need a higher port density.

Regards, Ardon
ProCurve Networking Engineer