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Command Line interface Summary

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Command Line interface Summary


I am a complete newbie to managed switches. We recently purchased a 2810 and two 2910 series. We are now attempting to set up authentication on the 2810. The manuals have some guidlines and overviews but for the life of me I cannot find a complete list of the command line syntax that i need to set things up and my guesses aren't getting me there quickly.

Anyone have such a complete list with examples of syntax?

Mohammed Faiz
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Re: Command Line interface Summary


I'm not sure there is a complete CLI guide in that format, however I've always found that the relevant sections of the manuals have the complete syntax for the commands in question.
The only issue can be that some of the sections can be under the "Management and Configuration" guide and others, for example, under the "Access Security" guide.
Have you looked at each of the manuals here? :
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Re: Command Line interface Summary

Yes thanks I have. As you say it can be a bit of jumping between manuals. Someone else suggested that command completion can help give syntax and I am trying that now.

Yan Henrichon
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Re: Command Line interface Summary

Start typing the command. When you are stuck type "?" key. Then you'll have the next option to type in.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Command Line interface Summary

You can use the CLI guide for 5400 switches, it has all the syntax that is available in the 2810 and more.

Here is the link