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Configuring HP Procurve 2650 VLANs.

David Stapley
Occasional Visitor

Configuring HP Procurve 2650 VLANs.

I am completely new to VLAN's and the procurve 2650.

I have two of the switches. I have assigned them IP addresses and
I have connected them together using port 50 on both devices.
I have my firewall ( to one switch on port 49.
I need to created a number of VLANs such that pc's connected on a VLAN can access the firewall (to use the Internet) but not to PC's connected on other VLAN's. Is there a simple set of CLI instructions I can issue to the switches to achieve this. I am sure if I studied the manuals I could achieve this but I am under pressure to get this up and running ASAP.
Thanks for any assistance.
Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: Configuring HP Procurve 2650 VLANs.

To create VLANs simply type in the vlan command followed by the number:

switch(config)#vlan 1

And to assign ports 1 to 4 to the VLAN type in:

switch(vlan-1)#untagged 1-4

Hope this helps!