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Correct configuration for connecting multiple switches

B Cave

Correct configuration for connecting multiple switches

Hi, I know there are some specific configurations needed to set this up correctly, but not sure exactly what is needed.

This is the configuration:
I have 4 switches (in a blade enclosure).
Switch 1 & 2 are connected to each other and to servers for the internal private network.
The gateway server then has a 2nd dual port nic, which connects to switch 3 & 4. Switch 3 & 4 are connected to each other.

The management interface on all switches needs to be on the private network, so I need to connect as follows:

so that I have full redundant connections between switches, but this is going to cause problems with re-broadcasting of packets.

What would I need to do to get this configuration to work? Do i need to use RSTP or MSTP? how would I configure it?

Anything specific for the blade environment that I need to set up? (I think i saw something about needing to make sure certain ports on the gbe2c switches needed to be enabled to ensure that connectivity between sw1 and sw2 was enabled, not sure what though)
Reto Krucker
Frequent Advisor

Re: Correct configuration for connecting multiple switches

I have nearly the same configuration, with three Enclosures and six Cisco 3020 Switches in the Enclosures.

I used two HP 2810 Switches to connect the switches under each other, as you can see on the attached PDF.

I use normal STP, its slow but stable.

Here is a good guide, when interconnecting cisco and HP switches: