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Re: Create a basic VLAN on Procurve 2848

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Create a basic VLAN on Procurve 2848

Hi! I'm trying to make 2 VLANS in my switch, before i was a cisco switch and i had 2 vlans "by ports" that works really well but now im trying to make the same thing on HP Swith but i can't.

I dont wanna make trunk, routing, or something else, just "isolate" a few port from default VLAN and use it like a separated switch.

My current config (that it's not working) is:

Running configuration:

; J4904A Configuration Editor; Created on release #I.10.77

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2848"
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "secret" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 1-32,45-48
ip address
no untagged 33-44
vlan 10
name "VLAN_10"
untagged 33-38
no ip address
"vlan 20
name "VLAN_20"
untagged 39-44
no ip address
fault-finder bad-driver sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-transceiver sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-cable sensitivity high
fault-finder too-long-cable sensitivity high
fault-finder over-bandwidth sensitivity high
fault-finder broadcast-storm sensitivity high
fault-finder loss-of-link sensitivity high
fault-finder duplex-mismatch-HDx sensitivity high
fault-finder duplex-mismatch-FDx sensitivity high
no stack
password manager
password operator


Please help!
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Re: Create a basic VLAN on Procurve 2848

Hi! If you only want to have local isolated vlan (10, 20) so there is no other communication needed for them or between them except between untagged ports in this vlan then your config should work. Just assign ip addresses to clients in this vlan (connect DHCP to vlan or set manually). No default gateway needed because communication is isolated only between vlan ports.

If you need communication between vlans or anywhere from this switch you have to span vlans to router (tag uplink ports) or configure ip routing and then possibly make some filtering through ACLs.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Create a basic VLAN on Procurve 2848

vlan 10
untagged 33-38

Is all that's needed to isolate some ports in a separate (v) lan.

why it's not working?
maybe no need to issue an "apply" command, before the changes are activated?