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Exporting Procurve Configuration Settings

Christopher Fields
Occasional Contributor

Exporting Procurve Configuration Settings

So following on from my last email re: gaining access to my Procurve switches, how do I export the settings? I need to provide the configuration settings to a third party engineer ahead of some works to our LAN.

I have found some guidance but ProCurve Manager doesn't have the Export Configurations option in the toolbar menu or on the right click menu that the instructions state should be there. My switches are HP2824, HP2650 and HP2626 switches.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Exporting Procurve Configuration Settings

Hi Christopher,

in PCM Plus: highlight a device -> right click -> Config Manager | Export Configuration
You can also go into the configuration tab and copy and paste the text file.

without PCM:
telnet to the device -> "sh run" command -> copy and paste output to a txt file.


Ingentive Networks GmbH
Christopher Fields
Occasional Contributor

Re: Exporting Procurve Configuration Settings

Thanks for the reply Michael, my copy of Config Manager does not have the menu option to export, possibly a different version. But I have telneted to the box and exported the settings through the console. Thanks again. Chris.
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: Exporting Procurve Configuration Settings

Hello Christopher,

you can also use the copy command.

copy running-config tftp running-config.txt

Best regards,