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G4 DL360 Modem problems

Paul Hodgkiess
Occasional Visitor

G4 DL360 Modem problems

Hi there
I am trying (very hard and have been for some time) to set up an external modem to work with a G4 DL360 on the serial port. The modem is a Chiron 350 and connects to the serial port, there is only one serial/com port to connect to. I have been told that this modem needs no specific drivers for Windows 2003 service pack 2 (the O/S I am using).
When I install the modem as a standard modem 19200 bps connected to com port 1 BUT after Windows confirms that the modem is installed and I try and query the modem I get the following error message.

"The modem failed to respond. Make sure it is properly connected and turned on. if it is an internal modem or is connected, verify that the interrupt for the port is properly set."

There are three LEDs that are constantly lit (RS, TR and AR) on the modem. No matter what I try and do I can't get the modem to respond.
Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: G4 DL360 Modem problems

An obvious action is to test the modem on a PC for functionality to exclude W2K3 as the source of the problem.

Whas the cable you used supplied with the modem?

Was windows able to autodetect the modem?
then the cable is probably right.
If not check what lights go on and of when connected/disconnected to the server.
check if RD (recieve data) flashes when windows tries to initialize the modem.
If no difference then you might have the wrong cable.