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HP IP Console + local user (Again)!!

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John Syrakis_1
Occasional Visitor

HP IP Console + local user (Again)!!

Yet another question on the HP IP Console viewer. This time I think it's a bit easier to answer.

When trying to view a server using the Console Viewer, I get the message "Server is not available for viewing: Reason: Channel in use by Exclusive Local User"

OK, fair enough, this is because someone else is using the local port. My questions though are:

1) Is it possible to use the Console Viewer to disconnect the local user and view the server?

2) If not and the local user has to disconnect himself manually (Ctrl+F10), is it possible to prevent him from being an 'Exclusive' viewer?

Being able to view the servers remotely is quite important and not always is there someone in the office available to disconnect the local port manually.

Chris Bryan_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP IP Console + local user (Again)!!

This was a problem I had. Partly sorted by this answer found after much rummaging around on the HP site.

Manual - Via the local OSD, users must select the disconnect button on the main OSD screen, or users can press simultaneously "print-screen + alt + 0"
Automatic - Users can set the OSD screen saver to free the local user whenever the screensaver is invoked (based on user defined time period of inactivity)

I just wish HP would move all info on KVM's into one area!
Charles Shull
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP IP Console + local user (Again)!!

did you ever get an answer to your question. I find this site very difficult to navigate.