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HP ProCurve Restarting

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HP ProCurve Restarting

I've had 3 of my HP ProCurve's restart on me in one weeks time.

2 of them happened a day part, the last one happened 6 days later. We thought it was power but the power checks out fine.

Has anyone heard of these restarting like this?
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Re: HP ProCurve Restarting

What model switch(s) and what firmware level?
Have you checked the logs?
I work for HP, but my posts and replies are my own.
Markku Leinio
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Re: HP ProCurve Restarting

Hi, if you happen to use SolarWinds NCM to manage your switches, you may want to check this discussion:


"A word of warning for all users having HP ProCurve switches in NCM.

If using a Telnet/SSH Prompt Timeout value of 5, the HP ProCurve 2512 and 2524 switches will reboot when downloading the configuration with NCM and using SSH.

We've verified this with 120+ individual 2512 and 2524 switches, running various versions of F.04.xx and F.05.xx firmware, also verified with the latest F.05.70."

(Actually the switches may reboot with longer NCM timeout values as well, but that is not so common than with 5 sec timeout.)
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Re: HP ProCurve Restarting

We spoke with HP and have come to the conclusion that it was a icmp redir issue that cause 2 of the switches to reboot. The other switch rebooted due a memory leak.

HP stated that both would be fixed by upgrading to the latest firmware.