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HP Procurve 1700 -24 VLAN Setup

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HP Procurve 1700 -24 VLAN Setup

I have an HP Procurve 1700. I am trying to setup VLANs on my switch so that servers cannot see each other. All servers have static IPs. I am performing the following steps:
Uplink and All ports are VLAN ID 1
I remove a port from VLAN 1 and add it to VLAN 2 as well as the uplink.

After this I cannot ping the server on the other side of the VLAN 2 port.

This seems like it should be straight forward.
Any suggestions or am I completely missing something?

Thank You
Kyle Massey

Re: HP Procurve 1700 -24 VLAN Setup

If you want the server on VLAN 2, untag the port that the server is plugged into for VLAN 2. If you need that vlan to go across an uplink, make sure you 'tag' the uplink and leave vlan 1 "untagged". You can only have 1 vlan untagged across a port.

How are you routing these servers? Are you re-ip addressing the servers once you move them to vlan 2 and then assigning an IP address to vlan 2 on a routing switch? Or do you just simply need layer 2 connectivity for the server to another device on the same vlan?