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[HP Switch 2610-24] SNMP Problem

Occasional Contributor

[HP Switch 2610-24] SNMP Problem

Good day,

I am having some problems doing some SNMP Commands on my HP Switch.

snmpget -v1 -cf -c public ifOperStatus.n
(n = 1-28)

I get the responses if a port is up or down. (Client connected or not)

Now if a client is connected, I want to fetch his MAC Address or his IP Address, problem is how do I do that?
Querying for ifOperStatus.n only gives me:

IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.2 = INTEGER: down(2)
IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.3 = INTEGER: up(1)

My question is how do I fetch the MAC/IP Address of a connected Client to Port n?

doesn't help much here. Because I don't know the IP "" (which could be anything) and so I cannot query this value (?)

thx for your help
best regards!
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: [HP Switch 2610-24] SNMP Problem