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HPE 1950 change management VLAN

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George Mandiliotis
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HPE 1950 change management VLAN

Hi all, we have two HPE OfficeConnect 1950 12XGT 4SFP+ Switch  (JH295A) Switches and i want to change the management vlan. I can't find any related topic on the manual. Is this possible? How to achive it?


Thank you in advance, George

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Re: HPE 1950 change management VLAN

AFAIK the HPE OfficeConnect 1950 Switch Series hasn't a dedicated Management VLAN (where with Management VLAN I mean a VLAN that is used for Management, it is not routeable and it is generally identified by - that's default - the Primary VLAN of the switch...which is, by default, equal to VLAN id 1)...as it is usual to find on ArubaOS-Switch based Switch Series.

So (a) the default VLAN through which you manage the Switch is (pardon: by default) the VLAN id 1...and, at the same time, any (b) other VLAN id with an assigned IP Address (a SVI) and reacheable should be able to be used as the VLAN through which you manage the Switch (that highligth the fact there isn't a VLAN ids which is really "dedicated")...clearly you should be able to gain access locally if you connect to an access port member of that specific VLAN id or if, remotely, there is a trunk port (here trunk means a port that carry several tagged VLAN ids) on which that VLAN id is transported (permitted).. 

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