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Help accessing PCM from Remote Client

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Help accessing PCM from Remote Client

I'm thinking i'm missing something very simple but I can't for the life of me figure out how to grant a remote client access to PCM+2.2.

I am VPN'ed in to our network and am trying to access the PCM server from my Laptop. I have PCM installed on the laptop and it tries to connect but I get the error message -

"The server would not authenticate this client. You may need to update the list of authenticated clients on the ManagementServer."

So i've been looking for a Menu Option and in Help for where I do this. From help it seems to be suggesting I use the Policy Manager to add an Authorised Manager but that just seems to be for access to devices not the actual application.

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Merry Christmas :)
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Re: Help accessing PCM from Remote Client

Sorry to double post but couldn't see an edit option. I've actually found the answer here -


Jeff Carrell
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Re: Help accessing PCM from Remote Client

you have to edit a file (manually) to add remote clients in the list so that they will be "authorized"...this cannot be done thru PCM menu...

in the pcm admin guide, read the section on "Adding PCM Remote Client Stations" - "Configuring Client/Server Access Permissions", this will tell you the file and its location and what needs to be in it...as well as you may need to edit a file on the remote client...

i was referencing the pcm admin guide - software release 2.2 and this info is in section 2...

that should do it...


Merry Christmas
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Re: Help accessing PCM from Remote Client

I have the same error with this..

Can anyone help me also with the problem that I encounter?

Thank you very much.