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Hi Procurve CPU

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Hi Procurve CPU


I have just configured up a stack of procurves 4x 5406zl and 1x 5412zl and I have noticed an interesting problem common to all devices.

Basically once the switch has settled a show cpu displays at 13%. I noticed this after configuring the first device so on the second I checked BEFORE i had placed any config on and found the same result.

All five devices are up and configured and show this symptom. I have tried using cat5 instead of console - no different. I have tried disabling large numbers of ports and turning off the mdi/mdix autodetect.

I am fairly new to HP but have never seen this on Foundry, cisco or Extreme devices, and when I check other Procurves on our network I have yet to find a production switch running this high.

My Questions are:
1. - Is this a common issue to HP/Procurves?, I noticed that a show tech runs very slow on them suggesting a low end CPU.
2. are there any settings or tweaks that I can use to reduce this?

Many Thanks,

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Hi Procurve CPU

This is the normal running CPU utilisation for the 5400/3500. I would like to be able to tell you why it's normal behaviour but I honestly don't know.

You just need to remember that this value is your baseline when monitoring the CPU.

The CPU itself is very capable and I doubt you'll see ever it rise much higher than this (since most switching/routing decisions are made in hardware).