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How to enforce timed network access using PCM?

Daniel Brock
Occasional Visitor

How to enforce timed network access using PCM?

Howdy folks,

I manage a network for a local boarding high school. The network consists of 11 ProCurve 3500yl switches trunked to a 6200yl.

Here's the problem: School policy dictates that freshmen and sophomores may not use the school network (internal AND internet) between certain evening hours, say 7PM-9PM. I have already identified which switch ports correspond to the freshmen and sophomores' dorm rooms. I would like to automate the disabling/enabling of these selected switch ports each week, Monday-Friday.

I'd like to use the Policy Manager to disable selected ports on each switch, but of course the ports differ between each switch, complicating automation. The only way I can see to do this with Policy Manager is to create a separate policy, scheduled alert, and CLI action for switch to issue the appropriate "interface ## disable" commands at the beginning of study hours, and then "interface ## enable" upon the end of study hours.

Unless someone can grace with me with a more elegant solution, I am going to write an expect script and do this all with telnet commands from a Linux server. Can my goal be accomplished using only the capabilities in the ProCurve Manager software?

Thanks for helping me wrap my brain around this.
Daniel Brock
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to enforce timed network access using PCM?

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with HP's ProCurve support group, who confirmed my original assessment that each switch would require its own policy and action, because the ports to be disabled differ between each switch.

I'm going to proceed with my "expect" script based solution, unless there's any further traffic on this post. Thanks.
Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: How to enforce timed network access using PCM?


I believe a plug-in to PCM+ called IDM should do the trick. But, it's not free. You would have to enable authentication and based on that, IDM would apply policies to a port.

You can try it I believe for 30 days and see if it would work for you.