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How to join and office net and industrial net, using a 2910al

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How to join and office net and industrial net, using a 2910al

Hello, i have the next configuration below. We have 2 big ethernet net, the office one and the industrial one.
In the industrial ring there is a ring wich several switches. The industrial net has ips ( VLANs) from
( From 10.2.x.x to 10.3.X.x). In the office net there is a 2910al.
My purpose is to create 2 Vlans in the 2910.
One for the office rangem VLAN 1 :
The other one VLAN 10, for the industrial range is :

The main purpose, is to see the vlan10 from vlan 1 and viceversa. Obviously, i have to connect a port from Vlan10 to the industrial switch to get deep the industrial net.

- Do i have to enable ip routing? If yes, The way to do that is writing "ip routing" in a telnet session?
- How should configure vlan 1 and vlan 10?
- Show ip address definition for vlan10 like that:

Running configuration:

; J9145A Configuration Editor; Created on release #W.14.03

hostname "ProCurve 2910al-24G Switch"
module 1 type J9145A
ip default-gateway
vlan 1
untagged 1-7,9-24
ip address
no untagged 8
vlan 100
name "lan_pri_zvm"
no ip address
vlan 10
name "industrial"
untagged 8
ip address
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
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Re: How to join and office net and industrial net, using a 2910al

Did you figure this out?

2910al is not great as intervlan routing, since it's limited to static and rip routes, plus poor ACLs.

You'd also want to not use Default vlan for anything, use a separate vlan each for and

Your vlan 10 netmask is incorrect, it should be (/8).

Ip default-gateway only affects you in if not in "ip routing" mode.

"ip routing" will turn it on. Use "sh ip" to confirm.

I suggest you change snmp-server community string, and add in "ip authori manager" settings to restrict access.

"sh ip route" will show your routing table.

If you are using another router as gateway in office, you will need to add a default route to that as well.

If there is a need to control access to the industrial ethernet site due to security concerns, then I'd suggest using some other security router instead of a 2910al. It's a layer 3 lite switch only, not designed for routing security (like an IOS or ASA).