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Identifying hardware TopTools

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Identifying hardware TopTools

I've got topTools working on Win2k, sp3 and IE6sp1.
I have a brand new HP switch, 5304xl, of which all my clients are hooked into.
But, when going to TopTools, it claims it doesn't know what it is?
On the the enclosed .gif, it is device and says 'unknown.'
Yet, other HP printers are found and the normal PC's??
When you do a properties of it, the asp page comes up with this error:

Error Type:
HP_SNMPX ActiveX Control (0x80040208)
SNMP: Response PDU Too Big. Error 1.
/hptt/apps/dmiProps/lib_identity.asp, line 23

Browser Type:
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)

GET /hptt/apps/dmiProps/identity.asp

Any ideas?
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Re: Identifying hardware TopTools

And now, I've enclosed the said .gif from before....
Ron Kinner
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Re: Identifying hardware TopTools

Check that you have the latest version of switch software which is now:


The latest Toptools version available on their website is A.05.00 with a patch R.02.00 (which claims to be just an update to add the 4108GL but who knows.) Seems like another poster said there was a later version but that's all I can find.


You might get getif


and point it at your switch and see what it reads.

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Re: Identifying hardware TopTools

Yes, my firmware is two editions old on the switch. I have downloaded the newest version, but haven't yet applied it.
I'll schedule that for later in the week and see if that helps and post back if I'm still having problems then.