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Inter-vlan communications problems.

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Inter-vlan communications problems.

I have a 5406 which is routing 4 vlans. Evrything is OK except but I have a problem :
Before a machine on vlan2 can access another one in vlan3 (for example), according to the ACLs that are defined, I HAVE to ping it !!! If I don't, I have a 'host unreachable' issue...
See the config
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Re: Inter-vlan communications problems.

It might be that the MAC table expires too soon, and if the hosts speak rarerly then the switch has to re-learn the mac/port assignments. What I did was to change the "MAC Age Time (sec)" value from the default 300 seconds to 1800 seconds.

Or it can be the IP ARP table that expires too soon. On HP routing switches the default ARP age is ten minutes. On. routing switches, you can change the ARP age to a value from 0 â 240 minutes.

See this: