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Internel working of switch uplinks.


Internel working of switch uplinks.

I want to know about the general Ethernet switch working. Let us say that I have a 24 ports switch of 100 Mbps each, how does the switch manage to pass all the traffic from different nodes to single uplink port. Does it will not be a bottleneck to pass all the 24 ports traffic to a single uplink.
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Re: Internel working of switch uplinks.

In the situation you describe, the switch will just discard most of the traffic to the uplink port.

However, if you expect a traffic pattern like that, then would be sensible network design to put a 1Gbps uplink in (or even to trunk more than one).

On the other hand, it would be huge overdesign to build a network where every NIC could run at line rate without congestion.