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MSTP instance

MSTP instance


I will install 2 5406 in core, and have about 3 2810 on each floor (edge switches). I will have 30 vlans in core, and about 4 on each floor.
I will use MSTP with two instance, have odd vlan tag on one instance, and even on the other one for loadbalance.

But is it ok to have only a couple of these vlans assigned to same spanning tree instance on edge switches?

Best Regards, Magnus

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: MSTP instance

You really should match each switch in the MSTP region to have the exact same spanning-tree configuration so that the digests match:

ProCurve Switch 5406zl# show span mst-config

MST Configuration Identifier Information

MST Configuration Name : 001b3f4eaf00
MST Configuration Revision : 0
MST Configuration Digest : 0xAC36177F50283CD4B83821D8AB26DE62

The 5400's allow you to specify VID's in your MSTP configuration that don't yet exist. The 2810's I don't think have this feature quite yet.

Re: MSTP instance

Thx. Is it possible to have edge-switches "automatic" get MSTP config from core-switches? Or is it possible to have "odd/even" as vlan id ?

Or should I build different MSTP region ? One for all floor (6 floor), and one for datacenter? Best practice ?