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Microcom modem on D class

Abdul Salam H S_1
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Microcom modem on D class


I have configured a Microcom DeskPorte Fast modem for dial-in access on a D class server. The modem is attached to external mux port.If I try to dial out to other remote Unix system from this port,it works fine.I am able to logon to the other Unix system from a text terminal connected on another mux port on the same D class server.ie, from both the ports of the mux I'm able to dial-out (using atdt phone_number).But I'm facing problem when I try to dial-in to my D class.I get a login message on the text terminal and it allows me to type only one character and then it hangs. But at the same time, if I send something to the terminal from my D class, it gets displayed on it screen. That means, the dial-up connectivity is still there. What could be wrong? My port speed is set to 9600 and the mux port is configured as a modem port on the server side.

Thanks and Regards,
Abdul Salam