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Modem (in use)

Mr Possibility
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Modem (in use)


I have a application installed on a desktop with three com ports coms 1,2 and 3. The application is such that when the coms are configured for the application, the application hold the com ports and can therefore listen on those coms. This application receives POS dial via the modem attached to the already configured coms, routes it to the host for authorization of the transactions coming in from the POS terminals. In other to have a scalable architecture in place, I installed another adapter which connect via a fanout cable to a 16 port RJ45 digiport. This scenario gives me the ample opportunity to have additional 16 modems connected concurrently to route transaction through the application(RRAS) to the switch once the com ports are setup for the application.

I had already setup this adapter and the com port available are coms 4 to 20;ie port 1 on the digiport mapped to com4, port2 mapped to com5 and so on. After setting up the 6 port, I needed to configure the rest. I normally shut down the modem, removed the cable, plug it to the new port on the digiport, connect the modem, autodetect the modem on the port, installed and then configure the application to listen on that com newly configured. My system had a problem and had to reinstall the digiport. What came up afterward is the coms dotted "in use" Coms 6 to 20 is marked in use even though I have stopped the application to listern on those port and have removed the coms setting on the RRAS in other to have the former coms6 through 20 available for me to autodetect the modem and then install. It was displaying "in use" How do I stop the coms marked "in use" and associate it with the coms earlier configured.

I have unistalled, installed several time with same setting set at coms 22 upward instead of from 4 to 20

Any idea please
Ron Kinner
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Re: Modem (in use)


Right click on My Computer and select Manage then when the new window comes up select Device Manager then find your com ports and delete them and then reboot.

Thomas Bianco
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Re: Modem (in use)

process explorer can force handles closed

There have been Innumerable people who have helped me. Of course, I've managed to piss most of them off.