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Multicast setup help

Regular Advisor

Multicast setup help

I have to setup a NLB between two dl380's running Threat Management Gateway.

During my research I've read that it is suggested that I enable multicasting on the specific ports that I will have the two servers plugged into.

I've been reading the manual here

I'm a little confused, and dont feel like xcreating an issue as I dont have a test switch to really try this on at the momont...

The vlan that these two nodes will be plugged attatched to is shared by other servers. Should I enable multicast for teh whole vlan?
> vlan 1 ip igmp

Or should i set just the ports for multicast?
> vlan 1 ip igmp auto a1,a2

Am I even doing this correctly?

I dont want the NLB traffic flooding the rest of the vlan...
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Multicast setup help


You won't see any issues enabling IGMP for the entire VLAN so that's what I'd recommend you do.

> I dont want the NLB traffic flooding the
> rest of the vlan...

That's what will happen without IGMP snooping enabled (the default behaviour). Once you enable IGMP on the VLAN the multicast traffic will be pruned to those ports that have joined the relevant groups.