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N522SFP compatible with VMware?

Vikaas Chhatwal
Occasional Contributor

N522SFP compatible with VMware?

Is the HP N522SFP compatible with VMware?
Please reply ASAP!!

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: N522SFP compatible with VMware?

I would think a different forum would be indicated since the NC522SFP is neither a swtich, hub, nor modem :)

I would think that if VMware had drivers for the NC522SFP there would be something about it at www.vmware.com. I would guess that a web search for "NC522 site:vmware.com" would likely find hits. Similarly, a web search for the NC522 in hp.com would find things like the quickspecs:


which lists VMWare ESX3.5 . Quickspecs are not usually "instantly updated" for later revisions that ship after the quickspecs do so it is entirely likely that later versions are included.
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