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NJ2000 Intellijack Config question

Andrew Ferris
Occasional Contributor

NJ2000 Intellijack Config question

I'm trying to get an NJ2000 (JD057A) to work in a stutation where I only have one data line and two PCs and one printer to use the line via the Intellijack.


3 VLANs -- VLAN IDs 1, 4 , and 24

NJ2000 Ports (Not using Pass-Through Ports)
LAN 1 - VLAN ID 4 (PCs - untagged traffic)
LAN 2 - VLAN ID 4 (PCs - untagged traffic)
LAN 3 - VLAN ID 1 (Printer - untagged traffic)
LAN 4 - VLAN ID 4 (PCs - untagged traffic)
Uplink - VLAN IDs 1 & 4 plus I'd like the NJ2000's management interface IP address to be on VLAN 24
On the NJ2000 I'm trying to get the VLAN Port Config section right given the above parameters.
This is connecting to a 2810-24G so what would the uplink port VLAN settings be on the 2810?
For example Tagged 1 & 4, Untagged 24.
Thanks for any help on this,