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Network re-design

Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

Network re-design

my network is geographically divided in two sites, every site has 2 HP 93xx at its core and a number of 2524/2650/2824 devices at the access level. Uplinks actually are 1Gbps, mixed copper/fibre.
For historical reasons, only one of two 93xx at every site has more recent EP modules. Now I need sFlow to minitor my network and this protocol is supported only on EP modules. Also I heard that 93xx family will reach end-of-life during next 2-3 years.
I'm thinking that I could move the EP-enabled switch to the other site and re-design network.
I'm not able to fully understand taxonomy of newer HP products: core, interconnect fabric, distribution/aggregator. Could someone give me a good advice?
Other requirements are:
- full redundancy, physical and logical (vrrp, rstp, etc)
- 10Gbps uplinks in the future
- 802.1x auth
- sFlow

I tried to contact HP Network Design Center but I had no luck until now!

Thanks in advance
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Network re-design


ProCurve always go in the way of the Adaptive Edge Architecture that doesn;t really need an intelligent Core, unlike the core centric designs.

I always recommend to have 3500 at the edge and 5400 on the core, with 10Giga backbone and full mesh design, in this case users get 1Gig links and PoE if you have PoE devices, and the 10Gig is such a great idea with the 5400 and 3500 that is also affordable design if you want to go with other brands.

IP Telephony, IP TV and added alot of bandwidth demand to recent networks, and the Wireless also added alot of security, and in ProCurve you can get all of that like ACLs, OSPF, MSTP, VRRP and a very good level of QoS that all together achieve all the recent networks needs and also more for the future.

If you have an Enterprise network where you really need a bigger core, then i would go with 5400 on the edge (modular design at edge, otherwise 3500's with 5400's) and some Big Core from other vendors with 10 Gig backbone also and full mesh.

Good Luck !!!

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