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PCI Bus Mastering - Deskpro

Raul Mavis
Occasional Visitor

PCI Bus Mastering - Deskpro

I have a mix of Deskpro's running Windows 2K. Some of them have a PCI Bus Mastering NIC and others have a Linksys NIC. I noticed an increase of traffic on the LAN, including increased collisions. I ran performance monitor, and there was one thing that stood out. The Deskpro's running with the Bus Master card have a rate of 'outbound packet errors', while those running the Linksys are at 0.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: PCI Bus Mastering - Deskpro

Check that you have the same duplex setting on both the NIC and the switch.

Also check to see if there is a new driver for your Bus Master NICs. Look on the Compaq site if this is a builtin NIC

(think you are probably running Intel Pro VM's but that's just a guess.)

Also look for a BIOS upgrade since bus mastering effects the basic system.

otherwise: Find out who made the card and visit the maker's page and see if they have a new driver.