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PCM 2.2+ How to add multiple devices to vlan

Marcus J
Frequent Advisor

PCM 2.2+ How to add multiple devices to vlan


I have now installed PCM2.2+ on our network to manage our vlans.
But im having trouble adding a vlan to 12 new switches.

The vlan is "CAD" vlan id 5 which already exists on all other switches in our production.
Now i would like to add this vlan id to the 12 new switches using PCM2.2+

I guess i should use the function "add device to vlan". BUT this function is only visible when ONE switch i highlighted, not if i select all of the 12 new ones.

Please help...
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: PCM 2.2+ How to add multiple devices to vlan


"Add device to Vlan" means that the PCM has discovered a Vlan, and if you want to add this Vlan to a switch that doesn't have it you can use this function.

Now if the device has all the discovered Vlans, this function is disabled because all the Vlans exist on this switch.

If you select multiple devices and this feature is inactive, i think this means one or more of the selected devices has all the Vlans.

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
Marcus J
Frequent Advisor

Re: PCM 2.2+ How to add multiple devices to vlan

Haven't even got that dialog to choose which vlans to deploy.

just tried to highlight all new switches, then go to "add device to vlan". But that button is greyed out.
If i select ONE switch it works perfectly, and i can then select which vlan to deploy.

anyone knows what im doing wrong here.
Or is it just possible to add ONE switch at a time?