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PCM 3 server 2008


PCM 3 server 2008

Has anyone gotten traffic statistics to work with PCM 3 installed on server 2008 R2?
The only way I have is by manually editing the MIB's on the higher end switches, but any edge switch (2650, 2610, ext) doesn't report traffic stats.
HP says R2 is not yet supported so I was wondering if anyone out there has any tweaks or has gotten this to work?
Everything else works fine.
Tore Valberg
Trusted Contributor

Re: PCM 3 server 2008


I have not tried this myself, so i do not know if it works.

But you could try the following:

- Stop PCM services
- Kickstart sflow with snmp using sflowtrend.
- Kill sflowtrnd using task manager (javaw.exe)
- Immidiately start up the PCM services

It might be possible to simply enable sflow using snmp manually, but not sure.

I think full support for R2 is on the agenda.


Re: PCM 3 server 2008

Thanks Tore

And I have tried that along with countless hours of other trouble shooting steps but mostly from the PCM and switch side. Haven't done much tweaking on the server side yet.

I did set up the MIB's manually on all my higher end switches (5400, 8212, 3500, 2900) and it does work for those. Unfortunately the edge switches (2500 series) don't support the MIB commands as they don't support sflow, but instead use SNMP to transmit traps, and traffic back to PCM.
Hopefully R2 support will be out soon, I don't feel like rebuilding the server along with setting up PCM again.

If anyone has any other experiences with server 2008 R2 or any suggestions let me know.