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PCM+ Find Node troubleshooting

Terry Kirk

PCM+ Find Node troubleshooting

Is there any way to find out what Find Node is doing?

I try a Find Node for my laptop, which is on the network on a procurve switch that PCM knows about (I'm using it to read my e-mail) and the progress bar gets about 90% complete and then hangs. This happens whether I use IP address or MAC address.

Every time I use IP address, PCM says that the node is not reachable even though the server can ping it.

PCM is running on a DL360 with two network adapters teamed auto/auto, with each NIC connected to a different switch.

If Find Node logs anything, where does it log?


Sergej Gurenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: PCM+ Find Node troubleshooting

According to a initial Find Node documentation here is the inside operations of "Find Node" feature. The last administrator guide do not dig so deep.
Using the Find Node Feature
The Find Node feature is used to discover all the neighboring devices that are connected to a specified node device. A node device could be a switch or a host, such as a PC, server, or printer. If a host device is specified, Find Node returns the switch and port number where the host is connected, using the information found in the bridge MIB of the switches belonging to same subnet as the host. If a switch device is specified as the node device, Find Node returns all the neighboring devices that are connected to that switch. To identify all the switches connected to the node switch, Find Node queries the CDP/FDP information on the switch. To identify the hosts, Find Node retrieves the ARP cache on the switch and determines whether each of the devices in the ARP table is directly connected to the specified node device. Only active hosts are identified.

Functionality is different if you have flat or routed network.

You can always use you favorite packet snifter to detect what is going wrong. I think all the â Find Nodeâ queries issued from management station (where PCM server installed). Use Sniffer filters to light sniffer output (such as (sntp), (icmp), ip.addr==x.x.x.x etc.) Just type this in the filter field and press â applyâ . My favorite free sniffer is www.packetyzer.com