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PCM+: Getting tech info from multiple switches

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PCM+: Getting tech info from multiple switches

I've tried many times to use a policy to dump
tech-info from many switches to file.

Most switches fail with the error:

CLI Timeout: Termination Prompt not found

Seems random what fails and what doesn't.

The policy runs two commands:
exit (to get out of config context) and
"sh tech".

So, what's that timeout about?
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: PCM+: Getting tech info from multiple switches

Well... if you did not say "random", I would have guessed that some of the switches default to the menu rather than the CLI.

I have tried using the CLI wizard/policy to pull info from all my switches, but there lacks the availability to create unique filenames to reflect the IP or name of the device and the time of the extraction. I finally gave up on getting PCM to do it and ended up scripting HyperTerm with AutoIT/KiX.

There are also several scriptable telnet programs but I couldn't be bothered to learn the syntax.

Even with my poor man's solution, I get the odd timeout but it always runs perfectly the second time around. It would appear that one or two of my switches are slow to come around on the first try. I found that if I telnet logon before running the script, it works fine. You might try sending out a policy that simply logs off just before the one that does the work.
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Re: PCM+: Getting tech info from multiple switches

Well, I didn't have much luck with that, ufortunately. It's no big deal, I use Perl and Net:Telnet for the job, anyway.
It just annoys me that PCM doesn't handle this.