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PCM: Shedule driven Policy not executing

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PCM: Shedule driven Policy not executing

I have created a shedule driven policy in PCM to execute a hourly CLI command on all switches. I have created several event triggered policies before, which all work fine. Even the shedule driven configuration-scan works well.
But my new policy does not execute. There are even no errors or something else that may identify a problem with the policy. In Policy history view the policy is not listed, although it should has been executed every houer this day...

Where can I start to identify the problem?
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM: Shedule driven Policy not executing

One angle to explore:-

In the Policy Manager window, if your newly created policy is listed under the Home>Policies, try using the "Enforce" option by selecting the policy. Check the Result and History of this execution (basically enforces the policy to execute immediately). If this is fine, then it means the policy action is configured properly and its problem with the schedule trigger

Let know how this goes about


Re: PCM: Shedule driven Policy not executing

Thank you for the hint! Whie i attempted to manually enforce the policy, I noticed that the policies state was disabled for some reason.

But this leads me to another question :)
With my policy, I simply want to make a list of all connected mac addresses on my edge ports. So I've setup an action which does an "show mac-address 1-24" and "show mac-address 25-48" on the switch CLI and captures the output.
I can see, that the task is running about 5 minutes on every switch, but the output file on the PCM server will be empty after it completes. Additionally it says "failure" in the "Last Result" column in the Policy Manager.
As the default "scan configuration" task also says "failure", it seems that there is a general problem while executing actions on the switches.

I can apply CLI commands to the switches without problems, and a "Test Communcation parameters in PCM" shows, that everything is ok.

Any ideas on this? May I check the Logfiles on the PCM server to investigate further?

Re: PCM: Shedule driven Policy not executing

I just found out, that every time PCM is trying to do something on the switch CLI the switch generates 2 "invalid login attempts" events.
This happens even when I do a "SSH to device", although I can successfuly connect to the switch finally.
But it seems that PCM couldn't do so, if it's doing some automatic stuff like enforcing policies...