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Re: PCM and MSM422 Ap's, no network map?

Matt Marcos
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PCM and MSM422 Ap's, no network map?

Hey all. Have a largish MSM422 deployment being managed with the MSM765xl. PCM and mobility manager are installed, trial.

The MSM765xl appears in the interconnect devices list.

The MSM422 AP's only appear in the radio tab on the MSM765xl device. They don't appear in their own folder NOR do they appear in the network map.

We are a HP shop for our network. I would like the MSM422 AP's to appear in the network diagram as well?

Is this possible? Or is it because the AP's are in provisioned mode this cannot be done?


Tore Valberg
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Re: PCM and MSM422 Ap's, no network map?

Hi Matt

It is indeed because the AP is in provisioned mode. From PCM's point of view they are simply seen as Radio ports on the controller.

In Autonomous mode they should appear in the map.

This might change in the future though.

Matt Marcos
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Re: PCM and MSM422 Ap's, no network map?

Hey Tore. Thanks, this is what I suspected. Sorta annoys me though. As an wireless AP,the role it plays on the network doesn't change, be it provisioned or stand alone, it performs the same role. As an interconnect device in this role it should be mapped. As it provide edge connectivity to the network it should be monitored as such.

Otherwise what is the purpose of buying the Mobility Manager addon if it's only going to see MSMxxx AP's as radio ports on the controller. I see little value add for this module now....


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Re: PCM and MSM422 Ap's, no network map?


I Have the same problem, I would like to see the AP in the prosurve manager network diagram, but can't because they are in provisioned mode.

I Hope you will change this behavier in a future pcm update.