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PCM+, configuration files and questions.

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PCM+, configuration files and questions.

Hello all,

After spending plenty of hours on the internet to find the informations i seek ther eis only your Forum that give good answers.

I've tryed to find on the history of this forum but without answers.

since 2 month i get back the gestion of a
Procurve Manager+ server.
Version B.02.322
vith an unrestricted Device Licensing.

I've 3 mains questions :

1 - In case of troubleshooting our local IT teams know how to put a configuration file on a Switch. We are using a tool that automaticly pick the configurations on the switch and save it into text file on a http server. This solution will be stop soon and i tryed to create a recurent Action "export config" starting at 3am to 4am but without result... If i enforce the policies all is working.

2 - Anytime i tryed to click on the 'Policy activity' tab Procurve manager fall down (fix grey windows, need to be killed in task manager).

3 - mysql problem. I tryed to access to the mysql database on the server but some files seems to be missing to be start. But this point is less important than the first one^^

thank's for your help, regards.