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PCM policy to dynamically disable uplinks.

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PCM policy to dynamically disable uplinks.

I am trying to create a policy that will disable a port if it starts flapping.
I am having issues with finding information with the particular information fields.
I would like to have an event tiggered if, an uplink port flaps more than 5 time within 30 seconds, and the flapping port will be disabled, as well as an email notification stating the device and port that triggered the event.
Is this possible, and how would I accomplish this in the alerts and action fields to disable the port dynamically, without having a policy for every uplink in the 2524 portion of our network (that would be approx 318 policys to create and manage).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: PCM policy to dynamically disable uplinks.

I setup a lab environment, as an extension to our production network, so PCM could still get snmp traps from teh lab setup. After doing so I was able to configure PCM to respond the way I was hoping.
I accomplished this by creating two event based alerts, with a filter specific to the 2524 (contains: loss of link on port 25, and another alert for port 26). This will specifiy the uplinks for this model.