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POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch

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POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch

I have a A5120-EI POE Switch with 4 in a stack.  2 of 4 switches are delivering power
to VoIP phones however 2 are not.


[FWRI-RMI1-1]display poe device
 PSE ID  SlotNo SubSNo PortNum  MaxPower(W)  State  Model
 4           1           0            48              370                    on       PD67124
 7           2           0            48              370                    off     PD67124
 10        3           0             48              370                   on       PD67124
 13        4           0             48              370                   off     PD67124

How do I change the PSE State to on?

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch

[Switch] interface x/x/x

[Switch-GigabitEthernetx/x/x] poe enable

PoE on Comware is disabled by default, and must enabled per port.


Another good source of info, the HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide. A free CLI ref of ProVision, Comware5, and Cisco in side-by-side comparison. Not all inclusive, but alot of the "daily" config needs.  ....and it's free!

Also good if you have a single platform :-)