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Port Security Command

AAPP Toledo
Frequent Advisor

Port Security Command

Hi to All,

Anyone used/configured this command?

I need that ONLY 3 PC's reach a Printer. So...I configured this on my 5406zl but doesn't work:

AAPP-CPD1(eth-D17)# show port-security d17

Port Security

Port : D17
Learn Mode [Continuous] : Configured
Address Limit [1] : 4
Action [None] : Send Alarm

Authorized Addresses
001372-763426 (PC)
001aa0-cf12be (PC)
003005-c2d124 (PC)

Doesn't work 'cause not only the 3 MACs reach the Printer but all the people can reach the printer.

The problem can be that I include the Printer's MAC on the Port-Security command?

The printer is connected in the D17 port.

Thanks a lot in advance and greetings from Spain.


cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Port Security Command

hi Mariano

port-security for connection security on switch or network
switch learn mac address or addresses on port and connect network

port-securtiy unable reachable or unreacable between host's

you need acl configuration

Ralf Krause
Frequent Advisor

Re: Port Security Command

Hi Mariano,

I agree with Cenk; port-security definitively is the wrong feature to achiev the desired communication limitation.

I would consider either ACLs (as suggested by Cenk), or - if you want to do it on an OSI level below 3 - think about source-port filtering.

You will find ACL documentation at:

Source-port-filtering is described here:

(With both links, I assume ProVision based switches [yl/zl series])

AAPP Toledo
Frequent Advisor

Re: Port Security Command

Hi Cenk & Ralf,

Thanks for your answers.... but I've tried with ACLs but was impossible.... This is my ACL configured in a 5406zl:

10 permit ip
11 permit ip
20 permit ip
21 permit ip
40 permit ip

And it was applied to the VLAN:

vlan 180
name "PCs Impresoras"
untagged B1-B17,B19-B24,C1-C12,D1,D3,D5,D7,D12-D13,D17
ip address
tagged Trk1-Trk5,Trk10
ip access-group "Firewall Impresoras" in
ip access-group "Firewall Impresoras" out

What's wrong?

Many many thanks in advance for your answers & greetings from Madrid.


cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Port Security Command

please send me sh run print your 5400 switch

AAPP Toledo
Frequent Advisor

Re: Port Security Command

Hi Cenk,

Thanks a lot for your time and your patience. I send you a attached (TXT file) with the configuration of my 5406zl.

Thanks in advance.

AAPP Toledo
Frequent Advisor

Re: Port Security Command

Hi Cenk...

Any news??

Thanks in advance...