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Port Security cmd for Procurve2524

Yosuke Kaneko
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Port Security cmd for Procurve2524

Hello, I have a Procurve2524 and I don't completely understand how the port security works. This is what I have tested in my test bed.
When any given port(say port#1) is in static mode with some authorized addresses, and the procurve receives a Frame from Port#2 with a MAC destination that is connected to port#20 where port#20 is in continous, I verified that:

- Port#20 always gets the frame.
- Port#1 always DO NOT get the frame. (Port#1 does not forward any packets from Port#2. no flooding)

I understand from reading the user's manual that when Port is in Static mode, it 'Authorizes' specific addresses
that are entered through the CLI. But I don't understand why Port#1 in static did not get any frames.
Why is this happening to me?
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Re: Port Security cmd for Procurve2524

i dont get what you post but i can tell you one thing, port security only applies to the traffic entering the switch, means the traffic from the client connected to the affected port (inbound)
Natasha Samoylenko
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Re: Port Security cmd for Procurve2524

If you say about flooding of unknown unicast, than may be this help.

On layer 3 switch (from manual):
"Configuring port security on a given switch port automatically enables Eavesdrop
Prevention for that port.
This prevents use of the port to flood unicast packets addressed to MAC addresses unknown to the switch and blocks unauthorized users from eavesdropping on traffic intended for addresses that have aged-out of the switchâ s address table. (Eavesdrop Prevention does not affect multicast and broadcast traffic; the switch floods these two traffic types out a given port regardless of whether port security is enabled on that port.)"

I read 2524 but it looks like this switch do not let you to configure this option.
So, may be, if you test is right, on 2524 this feature is enabled.
(on l3 switches "show port-security" displays if eavesdrop prevention is enabled on particular port).

And a little note about static mode.
Port security on static mode allows you to configure some of authorized addresses and to learn other.
For example, if you configure that on port#5 you have 3 MAC. And after that configure only one of them from CLI, the other two addresses switch will learn automatically, when host try to send some traffic.