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ProCurve ACL questions

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ProCurve ACL questions

Hey guys,

I don't have my ProCurve units in just yet so I cant test this but I have a newbish question for you guys I just want to make sure this works.

Basically I have my IP addressing and my local network documented. My user VLAN is split in half

ie: /25 for users 1, /25 for users 2.

I am planning to get a ProCruve 2910al and I want the least amount of ACL's on these switches.

My server VLAN is /24. I want to permit both my user networks. Is it possible to create one ACL that states

Permit /24 (which should match both user networks) to

Is this possible?

Thanks guys

note: these IP's are just used for testing
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: ProCurve ACL questions

>>> least amount of ACL's <<<
that is no ACL at all (default permit all).
this will also allow both users to access the server.
(but also users-1 to access users-2.)

As for the /24 to match both /25 networks, that will work.
In an ACL it's a "mask" to use in filtering and basically in this context is not related with subnets.

there is a "but".
I think you got another possible problem here.
you seem to use both /25 subnets in the same user vlan. is that right?
then what ip-adress do you give the switch to be able to route?
Best practice is to use a separate vlan for each subnet.

sometimes the /25 is not really used as subnet mask, but used for an ip-number range.
please check if the workstations have an /24 mask configured.
In this case you have no trouble.