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ProCurve sensor monitoring

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ProCurve sensor monitoring


I want to trap temperature issues on my gear - and there seems to be a way;

HP-ICF-CHASSIS::hpicfSensorDescr.1 = STRING: Fan Sensor
HP-ICF-CHASSIS::hpicfSensorDescr.2 = STRING: Power Supply Sensor
HP-ICF-CHASSIS::hpicfSensorDescr.3 = STRING: Redundant Power Supply Sensor
HP-ICF-CHASSIS::hpicfSensorDescr.4 = STRING: Over-temperature Sensor


HP-ICF-CHASSIS::hpicfSensorStatus.4 = INTEGER: good(4)

Now, this seems to be supported on most platforms except the 5300 series. Anyone fill me in here? Of course, the 5300 was the most urgent switch to monitor - and I have a lot of them.

AFAIK, the following is supported:
2512/24: fan sensor
2510: fan, power sensors
2626/50: fan, power, temp sensors
2824/48: fan, power, red.power, temp sensors
3424/48: fan, power, red.power, temp sensors
5304/08: fan, power, red.power sensors
5406/12: fan, power, red.power, temp sensors
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Re: ProCurve sensor monitoring

Until they put temp sensor OID in the 5300 series firmware, you might use some other parameters' OIDs to estimate the health of your chassis.