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Problem logging in Web in stack

Occasional Contributor

Problem logging in Web in stack


I create a stack contains 2 switches HP ProCurve 2650.

sw0(IP - commander
sw1(IP - member

Manager credentials are the same in 2 swithes.

I login to sw0 with manager credentials in Web interface( After that in menu I want to go to sw1 for configuring it. After I redirected to sw1 Webinterface ask me login and password. I enter correct credentials but system ask me again. I cannot login after redirect from sw0.

If I go directly to sw1 Web interface ( - I can login using same credentials.

I don't know why this happen.

Does anyone have the same problem?


Re: Problem logging in Web in stack


I see you have already Ip address configured on both switches.

I would actually recommend you to turn off stacking.

The main point of stacking is to "save" ip addresses. So typically you would only configure ip address on the commander.