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Problems with secuirty configuration rollout across network using PCM/

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Problems with secuirty configuration rollout across network using PCM/

I have recently undertaken a project to harden our switches security. One of the things I intend to implement is HTTPS only access to the WEBUI.

In order to add this feature you must run the following command as part of the config:

crypto host-cert generate self-signed

This then runs a wizard which asks for input on the questions listed below:

Validity start date [01/01/1970]:
Validity end date [01/01/1971]:
Common name []:
Organizational unit [Dept Name]:
Organization [Company Name]:
City or location [City]:
State name [State]:
Country code [US]:

My problem is in rolling this out to 350+ switches using Procurve Manager (PCM).

I cannot seem to run this command from CLI access within PCM. There doesn't seem to be way of entering the answers to the wizards questions using this method. Even sending a carriage return would work for my purposes.

I have tried putting the answers on different lines, and encasing with <>; nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know a way around this? Is it even possible? Otherwise I will have to enter this 350+ times on the local CLI for each switch.

Any help much apprecaited.